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A Nobel Gamble Place your bets! Deliberations for who will win the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature will shortly be under way. With an impressive lineup of entries to choose from, there can be no surefire bet for who will take this coveted award. Thats because currently the odds are only at 5/1 for the win. Yes, not satisfied with the profits from gambling on sports, bookies have found a way to hedge bets on prestigious literary awards. Ladbrokes, a British betting enterprise dating back to 1886, offers odds for the 2012 Man Booker Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature, among others. Fancy a gamble? Here are the frontrunners as they stand now: Haruki Murakami 5/1 Bob Dylan 10/1 Mo Yan 12/1 Cees Nooteboom 12/1 Ismail Kadare 14/1 Adonis 14/1 Ko Un 14/1 Murakami has a clear lead with far safer odds than his fellow nominees. His most recent work, IQ84, was translated from Japanese in 2011, and has received high acclaim from both critics and readers. Bob Dylan is slightly more out of place this high in the list. Though his chances may appear strong, theyre deceived by his popularity. Those placing bets are more likely to choose a name thats familiar to them. Gamblers loyal to him placed  Ã‚ £100-plus bets that shot him up the list, from 100/1 to 10/1, bounding past far better respected writers Tom Stoppard and Cormac McCarthy (both 16/1). Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Donohue puts Dylans chances rather bluntly, Were happy to fill the satchel in bookmaking terms as we expect the Dylan backers to part with their cash again this year. And if that doesnt seal his fate for you, perhaps Swedish nobel panel member Horace Engdahls professed hostility for parochial American writing willalongside MA Orthofers sound advice: If you know anyone who has actually generously donated money to Ladbrokes by betting on him please try to get them professional help, either from a psychiatrist or an accountant. Yes, I think that says it all; no Nobel for Dylan this year folks. If you cant put a face to the names in the 3rd and 4th spots, it might be because theyre newcomers to the Nobel scene. Mo Yan is a subversive author, once described by a TIME article as  one of the most famous, oft-banned and widely  pirated  of all  Chinese writers. Nooteboom, a Dutch writer, enters the longlist for the first time in his extensive career, having published his first novel in 1955 at the age of 22. 46 of this years 210 nominees are first-time candidates for the prize. Notable writers from further down the list include Philip Roth (16/1), Joyce Carol Oates (33/1),  Ian McEwan (50/1), Margaret Atwood (50/1), Salman Rushdie (66/1),  Ursula LeGuin (66/1), andwinner of the 2011 Man Booker Prize for The Sense of an EndingJulian Barnes (66/1). So how accurate are the odds? Last year the winner of the prize, Swedish poet  Tomas Transtrà ¶mer, was given 9/2 odds, behind the favorite to win, Adonis, a Syrian poet who still ranks high on the list this year at 14/1. Therefore, Murakami isnt a completely safe bet, but his chances are looking rather strong. Deliberations will begin in about a weeks time. The announcement date for the winner has not yet been released.

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Leadership and management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Leadership and management - Essay Example Besides, the entire program should be tailored to be child-centered since they should be the main focus on the teaching and learning process. However, in order to achieve this, there should be an effective integration of early childhood education. This paper focuses on the role of integration as an important aspect of early childhood education. It is quite reflective, dynamic, inclusive and progressive to be adopted in the contemporary society (Gasper, M., 2009). The term integration, as used in the context of education, refers to the process of building collaborations and combining resources across the social, health, and educational in order to promote the wellbeing of learners. With the increasing demand for education, there need to be measures to ensure that different professionals involved in education provision should work as a team (Aubrey, C., 2011). Since schools act as agents of socialization in the society, they should be properly used to help in preparing children who can adequately comfortably be accommodated and be fruitful to the society upon a successful completion of their studies. However, in order to ensure that children are holistically prepared for this life, measures should be taken right from their time in the pre-school (Whalley, M.E., 2011). Therefore, there is a need to integrate the teaching and learning process. Meaning, all the stakeholders should be ready to collaboratively work as a team. If this happens, it will be easier for them to help their children to be adequately prepared in all spheres of life. As a matter of fact, education should be treated as a whole (Aubrey, C., 2011). When children are introduced to the appropriate social, religious and cultural aspects of their society, they will learn to understand and appreciate them from such a tender age. Therefore, they will eventually become informed people who have the right information about the dynamics of their society (Cleaver, H. et al., 2007). In this

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Against super PACs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Against super PACs - Essay Example The next presidential election will be one like no one has ever seen before in terms of campaign funding and expenses. Even now, the GOP Presidential Primary races are already showing signs of how money will not be an object for their presidential candidate. This paper will delve into the committee's history and the reasons behind the public outcry against the existence of Super PACs. A Super PAC is an independent - expenditure only committee that has the legal power to raise unlimited sums of money in campaign contributions from individuals, corporations, unions, and other (lobbyist) groups. The committee was the result of a landmark Supreme Court Decision (Citizens United vs. Federal Election Committee) that dictated that campaign contributions to third party groups cannot be limited. The term Super PAC can be attributed to Eliza Newlin Carney, a reporter who worked for CQ Roll Call. She was the first person to have used the term Super PACs in the context of the word definition (We theimer, â€Å"Citizens United and Contributions to Super PACs: A Little History Is in Order†). Although Super PACs were not meant to openly support any single candidate, the committee has become a force to reckon with this campaign season. Its power and financial backing of particular candidates can be seen and felt in the negative ads that candidates like Mitt Romney have run, all amounting to tens of millions of dollars. That is one reason the public has come to reject the idea of the Super PACs. It has the turned the political campaign into a shallow, reality television, mud-slinging type of contest from which the candidates can never return. The ads being run in the newspapers, television, and radio stations cost these candidates and Super PACs money that could have been used for better political means such as contributions to charitable organizations by the candidates or their support groups on their behalf. That sort of act would have had a greater political impact upo n the voting public than an ad campaign explaining the ills of Newt Gingrich. Even more sickening, is the fact that most of the candidates will feign knowledge of participation in any negative campaign movements because of the independent nature of the Super PACs. The candidate can deny any involvement in the act all the while coordinating with his Super PAC under the radar of mass media. These negative campaigns leave the candidate free and clear of any involvement as all the Super PAC has to do is run the ad with a clear disclaimer absolving the candidate the ad supports of any wrong doing because the ad was not sanctioned by the candidate or political party. In other words, Super PACs gives a voice to people with money. All corporations that have money to give are giving millions and millions of dollars to the candidates across the board. Independent voters do not have that money to donate, so their candidates are not as prominent in terms of connecting with voters. Such is the e ffect of the Super PAC. It makes it seem like only certain candidates have a right to be in the political race because they are the ones with the (lobbyist group) backing and financing. However, ordinary citizens also find themselves scratching their heads in terms of wrapping their brains around the idea of a Super PAC not being a coordinated group founded by the political figure. Take for example the case of Newt Gingrich and the Winning Our Future group. Disclosures later in the campaign proved that he was the very person who founded the group and his close friend Becky Burkett worked for the group. His personal

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Dressed All in Pink Essay Example for Free

Dressed All in Pink Essay Literary Ballad A literary ballad is a poem written by a specific author. These ballads are not set to music. An example of a literary ballad would be Dudley Randalls ballad Dressed All In Pink Dressed All In Pink by Dudley Randall It was a wet and cloudy day when the prince took his last ride. The prince rode with the gonernor, and his princess rode beside. And would you like to ride inside for shelter from the rain? No Ill ride outside, where I can wave and speak to my friends again. They ride among the cheering crowds, he young prince and his mate. The governor says, See how they smile and cheer you where they wait. The prince rides with the governor, his princess rides beside, dressed all in pink as delicate as roses of a bride. Pink as a rose the princess rides, but bullets from a gun turn that pink to as deep a red as red, red blood can run, for she bends to where the prince lies still and cradles his shattered head, and there that pink so delicate is stained a deep, deep red. the princess rides beside, and her dress of pink so delicate deep, deep red is dyed. Jackie Kennedy is the princess -iambic tetrameter -rhyming scheme: abcb -the dress symbolizes the country itself falling from grace -colour imagery of pink as roses and red as blood -princess is described in colour -dyed at the end has a double meaning -dress is said to be as pink as roses but roses are also a deep shade of red, but the dress is not referred to a rose when it is covered in blood -Pink is the colour of innocence and it turning red is significant in dis playing the loss of innocence

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Evolution in the United States Education System Essay -- Essays Papers

Evolution in the United States Education System In July of 1925, a Tennessee high school teacher named John Scopes sat in a court room facing a violation of state law by teaching evolution, the idea that human beings and monkeys share a similar ancestry. This was no ordinary trial, this was the â€Å"trial of the century†; it featured heavy media attention, it was a battle between two of the best attorneys in the nation, and it raised many questions about evolution and creation, the theory that human beings were put on Earth by God. Today, these questions still are not answered, with cases and debates still popping up 78 years after the famous â€Å"monkey trial,† with the same issues at hand: creation versus evolution (Futuyma 6). The evolution theory goes back to the times of the Greeks, who believed that humans went through a form of evolution. Later on in the 18th and 19th centuries, many scientists and philosophers from Europe wrote theories pertaining to evolution. Finally, in 1859 On the Origins of Species, a book on observations by Englishman Charles Darwin, was published explaining his theory, that in the long run, the fittest of all species survive, passing on different characteristics to help the next generation survive. This theory changed the aspects of biology and sparked much controversy in society. Beginning in the 1870s in the United States, about ten years after Darwin released his controversial book, Southern Christians began to fight the idea of evolution, while in the North, much was not made of the topic. It was almost completely ignored. In the early 1900s, teaching of evolution had become pretty normal in an American elementary, middle, or high school, although sometimes with some controversy. In the... ...d J. (1998). Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion. Boston: Harvard University Press. Levenson, J.C. (2004). The age of Darwin. Raritan, 23 (3). 115-149. Linder, Douglas. (2002). Tennessee vs. John Scopes Monkey Trial. Retrieved April 19, 2004, from Morgan, Jeffrey P. (2003) Reading race into the Scopes trial. Journal of American History, 90 (3). 891. Robinson, B.A. Teaching of Evolution of U.S. schools. Retrieved: March 30, 2004, from Shultz, Lynne H. Summary of Evolution in Public Schools. Retrieved: April 19, 2004, from Scopes, John T. & Presley, James. (1967). Center of the Storm. New York: Holt, Rinehart, & Winston Books

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Nation of Islam Essay

Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska in 1925. He was born to a minister father that was a supporter of Black Nationalist Movement leader Marcus Garvey, which resulted in Malcolm experiencing discrimination and racial hatred from an early age. His father was killed and his home burned when Malcolm was young, and Malcolm was jailed in his early twenties after several run-ins with the law following his father’s death. He joined the Nation of Islam in while in prison, and when he was paroled in 1952 he was named the national spokesman for the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X was an outspoken, articulate, charismatic man that used television, radio, and every other form of media available to convey the Nation’s message. He preached for militant stance in the black community and for equal rights for African Americans, â€Å"by any means necessary†. This unwavering stance and militant attitude made some see Malcolm as a threat and he was followed under FBI surveillance until he was assassinated in 1965. He used his charisma and his steadfast beliefs to make the message of the Nation of Islam well known in America and to bring the issue of African American rights to the forefront of American consciousness. His mission later transformed from fighting for African American rights to fighting for equal human rights for every race, and he enforced the same militant stance with his new message. Mahatma Gandhi was a human rights leader like Malcolm X but he delivered his message in a very different way. Born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, he was given the name Mahatma because it means, â€Å"great soul†. He was born in British-ruled India and practiced law in South Africa which was also ruled by Britain. While in South Africa he began a twenty-year campaign for Indian freedom. Instead of X’s militant, unmoving approach, Gandhi practiced and taught the principles of non-violent resistance. He believed it was more honourable to be jailed for one’s cause than to create violence. He also practiced fasting as a way of conveying his message of peace and non-violence. He returned to India after twenty years and became the leader of the Indian Nationalist Movement. After India was declared independent in 1947, it was divided into India and Pakistan and the two countries rioted against one another. Gandhi began a fast to encourage the leaders to stop fighting. After he fasted for five days, the fighting stopped and the countries were at peace until Gandhi was assassinated shortly after. Until his death, Gandhi epitomized his message to, â€Å"Be the change you want to see in the world†. He saw no value in violence, and thought that the message of non-violence as a way of protest could bring tolerance, peace and unity more effectively than any violent act could. Despite the change in his place of residence and the political climate of his country he stayed true to his message of peace and unity.

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Sample Abstract Thesis

The abstract thesis is an essential part of any research. Represented at the beginning of the paper, the abstract is a kind of the initial separate description of the whole investigation viewed by a reader. Thus, the abstract should be treated as a perspective to install precise expectations. As the abstract summarizes the entire thesis, it should represent all the general components of the research in a pressed form. The following sample abstract thesis is related to the research on Ancient History â€Å"The Development of the Social-Cultural Institutions in Athenian Polis according to the Comedies by Aristophanes†. The paper reviews the evolution of the Athenian city-state from the beginning of the fifth to the end of the fourth centuries B.C. All the social, political, and cultural transformations are analyzed from the point of their influence on the citizenship mentality. In the first section of the text, the process of the incipience of the democratic social order in Athens is investigated. The author pays premium attention to the issue of the contribution of the cultural institutes to this phenomenon. Namely, the pride place goes to the appearance of a public theater. Additionally, social-cultural alterations are analyzed in a way as they are represented in the comedies by Aristophanes. The analysis of the key problems of peace and war, liberty and politics, upbringing and morality make the basis of this part of the research. The final chapter observes the crisis situation within the polis institutions and their origin. Together, these outcomes permit to draw a deduction that the developmen t of the Athenian polis primarily depended on the political and economic factors that caused deep alterations in the citizenship morality of the Classical Greek community.